It’s getting hot in herre. It is important when the temperature rises to be aware of what your body can do and what it needs. Stay hydrated, keep cool and if heat changes how your body functions while working out keep it short of you can. Here is a quickie strength HIIT workout to knock out before you head to the beach and work on that towel napping technique.

Strength HIIT

Equipment: Set of dumbbells
Time: 30 sec. work / 10 sec. rest x 18 (3 times through the entire set)

Squat and Press
Push Press
Plank Row
Alternating Froggers

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Squat and Press

Starting with the weights at shoulders, Sit hips back for a deep Squat making sure to keep the chest up. Return to standing and go directly into an Overhead Press.

Push Press

Add some power! Start with weights at shoulders. Lower into a slight squat just enough to load the legs. From the slight Squat position, explode into an Overhead Press. Reload, Explode.


Hinging from the hips, send them back while keeping the back straight and shoulders packed. With the weights staying close to the shins and keeping the hinge, stop wherever flexibility allows or back and shoulders can maintain a neutral position. Hinge back up and squeeze the glutes at the top.


Add some more power! Like the Deadlift, hinge at the hips and swing the weights back through the upper thighs, making sure to not swing below the knees. Using the momentum, thrust forward with the hips to bring the weights up to about shoulder height. The power comes from the hips, so the weights should float in the arms.

Plank Row

Start in a plank position with a neutral spine (feet, hips and neck all in alignment), Row one weight to the armpit while squeezing the shoulder blade back. Return to the Plank position and Row on the other side.

Alternating Froggers

Seeing a pattern yet? Last power move. Still holding onto the weights, jump one foot up to meet the weight. From this position, quickly jump the forward foot back while jumping the back foot forward. Alternate sides.

Nice and sweaty? Now grab some water, some sunscreen and hit the beach. Enjoy!


I love agility ladders. I love them because they constantly challenge my clients to think as quickly as their feet move, and those who complain about being completely uncoordinated find themselves just as foot loose as Moose himself after adding it to their training once or twice a week. Adding speed and agility to training doesn’t just help during the game though. IKEA on a Sunday? You should see how fast I can dart through the unpredictable paths of furniture hungry masses. For real.

You know what I also love? HIIT. What is HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training is a type of workout that is extremely short and high effective. According to the American Council on Exercise, HIIT is a cardiorespiratory training technique that alternates brief speed and recovery intervals to increase the overall intensity of a workout. This technique can increase both aerobic and anaerobic capacity and also burn fat. There isn’t really a specific formula for duration, but can be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 5 minutes. The key is to work hard during the work period.

So what happened the day I decided to combine my favorite training tool and HIIT? Mind blown. No. Entire body blown. I present to you, the exquisite pleasure of Agility Ladder HIIT.


The Formula

Each drill lasts 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Perform the six drills 3 times each for a total of 18 rounds. (30:10:18) I use my GYMBOSS timer, but there are some great interval timer apps like Impetus to help keep time.


The Drills

High Knees

Starting at the beginning of the ladder, perform high knees as each rung is hit with both feet. When the end of the ladder is reached, turn around and repeat in the opposite direction to return to start.

Lateral Plank Walk

In a plank position, start at the beginning of the ladder. Walk your right hand and foot to the next rung, followed by the left. Repeat until the end of the ladder is reached, then return to start in the opposite direction.


Forward Load N’ Explode

This one is a fun explosive drill. At the beginning of the ladder, quick feet through the first rung and land on the left side of the ladder with the left foot. Loading the left leg, quickly jump laterally onto the right foot on the right side of the ladder. Repeat the sequence for each rung until the end is reached, then turn around and repeat in the opposite direction to return to start.

One-Foot Drop Squat Hops

Ode to ankle strength and stabilization! Starting on the left foot, hop forward two rungs. In the second rung, drop into a single leg squat as low as you can go while staying balanced over the left ankle. Repeat the sequence until the end of the ladder, then switch to the right leg to return to start.

Lateral In N’ Outs

Standing parallel to the ladder, start with the right foot immediately following it with the left into the first rung. Quickly step back out with both feet just on the outside of the ladder. Advance to the next rung to the right. Repeat the sequence until the end of the ladder is reached, then repeat in the opposite direction to return to start.

Lateral Push Ups

Using the same technique as the lateral plank walk, add a push up each time the hands meet in the same rung. Easy peasy.


Pro Tips

- Use your whole body to perform the drill: swing your arms and drive the actions with both your hips and legs.

- Look up! Train as if you were training for your sport, so don’t be caught looking at your feet when you could be focusing your eyes on what is happening around you.

- Form over speed: do a run through once or twice at a slower pace to get the rhythm and form right. Speed in these drills won’t benefit you if you are running through them like a wacky waving inflatable tube man. Once you’ve gotten a handle on technique, go for speed.

AuthorLizelle Din