There is a scene I always think of in the Bourne Supremacy when I am running. In the beginning of the movie, Matt Damon is running on the beach and then all of a sudden, he kicks it into high gear and turns into a sprinting machine. I started running recently and am doing my best to stick to it, but I know in my heart that I will always loathe distance running. I’ve always been a sprinter and will always be a sprinter. So in my head, I am Jason Bourne-ing my runs just in case I ever need to go fight bad guys and uncover conspiracies.

This week’s drill is a one built to work both agility and speed. Adding this drill to your weekly practice can improve your footwork in multiple directions and then kick you into high gear in a forward action. Below are the steps to execute along with some tips!

Pro Tips

- Use your whole body to perform the drill: swing your arms and drive the actions with both your hips and legs.

- Look up! Train as if you were training for your sport, so don’t be caught looking at your feet when you could be focusing your eyes on what is happening around you.

- Form over speed: do a run through once or twice at a slower pace to get the rhythm and form right. Speed in these drills won’t benefit you if you are running through them like a wacky waving inflatable tube man. Once you’ve gotten a handle on technique, go for speed.

Weave N’ Sprint


You will need 10 cones. Set the first 5 cones about a foot apart, then the other five 50 yards away in a straight line in the same manner. Start at one end and while facing forward the entire drill, weave quickly through the first 5 cones then sprint to the end of the last cone set. Turn around and repeat from the other side so that you end where you began. That is 1 rep. Repeat this drill 6 to 8 times total.

Got it? Good. Let's go Jason Bourne-ing.

AuthorLizelle Din