NTBFit is a safe space to connect, learn, experiment, fail and succeed with your body and create awareness through learning and controlling movement. We do this while looking at the bigger picture of what health and performance is with programming that adapts to your goals. We want our athletes to feel free to take up space, be loud, get emotional and own both mental and physical strength.

  • As a trainer, we will create a foundation of body awareness before building strength and conditioning with adaptive training, along with bulletproofing movement through Functional Range Conditioning.

  • As a coach, we will look at training as part of the bigger picture—by finding ways to eat, sleep and move better in order to thrive and improve performance.

  • As a fellow athlete, we will grow both mental and physical strength, while providing a healthy environment to build one's confidence.

I’d love to hear about your journey and where you’d like to go. Tell me your story.



Lizelle’s deep understanding of both proper technique and athleticism was apparent in every training session she ran with me. She had an excellent blend of both high intensity and very challenging core progressions that gave me noticeable gains in the 8 weeks I trained with her. My footwork and agility improved drastically and I use what she taught me in my roller derby practice regularly. She is an incredibly effective, tough and understanding coach.
— Wendy V.
Lizelle is sneaky and stealthy ... and I mean that in a good way! Her workouts seem benign, but they pack a punch once you’re done with them. I like that she gives different levels for most of the exercises, which I think helps benefit everyone, no matter their fitness level, to get a good workout.
— Sync Boot Camper
Lizelle is one of the most creative instructors I have experienced in my active life. I have been attending her boot camp classes for the past 18 months and have always been challenged by her well thought out programs. In addition to addressing all skill levels, Lizelle keeps you engaged and excited throughout your workout which makes achieving your goals all the more rewarding. My balance, strength and agility have found new heights with her fun interval training skills. She is just as focused and present as I am while offering modification or suggestions during the exercises components.

Her passion for total body fitness really shines as she shares her dynamic workouts and enthusiasm with you!
— Suji A.
My favorite thing about Lizelle is that she gives and demonstrates various levels of the same exercise. That’s always great and makes people not feel embarrassed or on the spot for asking.
— Sync Boot Camper


Lizelle wears many hats. It is near impossible to answer what she does for a living in just a few words. A true multi-tasker, she masters the art of graphic design, photography, occasional pancake slinging and fitness. Her first big brush with becoming an athlete started with the founding of a neighborhood-based dodgeball league named the Aberdeen Street Dodgeball Ninjas. From there, the biggest breakthrough in athleticism came when she took a leap of faith in 2009 to try out for the Windy City Rollers—Chicago’s premiere roller derby league. After four seasons of testing her own strength, her passion for being healthy, learning mental and physical resilience and developing sports performance turned into a goal to become a personal trainer. Her love of outdoors, group exercise, non-conventional sports and adventure has brought her to where she is today. Before relocating to Seattle, she acted as coach for the junior roller derby team, Second City Slaughters, as well as a trainer for the Windy City Rollers in Chicago, IL. After moving to Seattle, she met a group of Kettlebell Sport athletes and soon became one herself. Her first competition was in October of 2015. 


National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialist

Seattle Kettlebell Club Kettlebell Sport Coach and Instructor


photo by Gil Leora

photo by Gil Leora


Joanie’s derby career started in 2009, exactly one year after seeing her first WCR bout. It was an experience that challenged her to try something outside of her comfort zone. When she tried out she felt as if she had faced the most physically and mentally demanding challenge in her entire life. And knew there was plenty more ahead. Drafted to the Double Crossers just one month after becoming a Haymarket Rioter she joined her teammates in the championship bout that season in the jammer rotation and was later named the Double Crosser Rookie of the Year. She also served as a co-captain for the team her 2012 season. Joanie has built her strengths and derby career on her acute attention to form, speed and foundation strength to become the player she is today. She has built her way back from several injuries and limitations—from her knee (oh the irony) to a concussion to exercise-induced asthma—but has overcome them with extreme patience, diligence and determination. Joanie also skated as a member of the Orbit Speed Crew of Palatine, IL and competed in her first meet in 2013, placing 1st in her division.

Retiring from derby in the summer of 2013, she hopes to continue to speed skate and finally commit to trying it on inlines rather than quads.