women and pullups: the continuing debate on why we “can’t” do them. | via huffington post

work your way towards pullups: if anyone can prove men wrong about women doing pullups, it’s this girl. | via georgina poh

in 365 days, you will be fighting for your life. what is your fitness plan? hypothetical fitness planning at its finest. | via reddit

Things I Ate This Week:

tumeric coconut lime pork chops over cauliflower rice: so damn good. i didn’t have cauliflower so subbed broccoli instead. | via mark’s daily apple

classic buttermilk pancakes: no one can deny me pancakes when I am sick. | via the pancake princess

coffee shop oatmeal: I needed an excuse to make oatmeal more attractive. calling if coffee shop oatmeal made it super sexy. | via a beautiful mess


the treadmill originated in prison: heck, i feel like i’m in prison when forced to use one. | via mental floss

AuthorLizelle Din