Are you ready for this jelly? I have tweaking my workouts to be more efficient lately, as I start to get into my final weeks of endurance training for STP and having only small windows of time to do it. This week’s 45-minute workout was too fun not to share. And by fun I mean getting to lie on the floor while drinking a smoothie and watching a few episodes of The X-Files after.

KETTLEBELL (~30 min.)

30 Snatches (each arm)

20 Deadlift + High Pull

10 KB Sumo Squat Jump

40 Cleans (each arm)

20 KB Glute Bridges + Pullovers

10 Plyo Push Up Switches on KB

50 Swings (each arm)

20 Windmills

10 Half TGUs


20s Holds, no rest inbetween x 3


Downward Dog

Half Plank




20s Hill Sprints / 20s recovery x 6


How did you do?


AuthorLizelle Din

If you were up last night into the wee hours finalizing your picks, might as well kick off  the tournament with this 45 minute basketball-themed workout! Grab a medicine ball (bouncy or non-bouncy works—just remember not to slam the ball down right under your face if using a bouncy one) and let these power and agility moves help you step up your game. Remember to do a dynamic warm-up and a proper cool down and stretch as well. For each set, each exercise is 1 minute, followed by 3 minutes of agility with 1 minute of rest in between each set.

(click above to view larger image)

(click above to view larger image)



Around the World w/Medicine Ball (MB)

Stand in an athletic position with legs shoulder width apart and knees bent. Engaging your core, move the MB in a circular motion with your arms fully extended. Switch directions halfway.

Forward/Backward Lunges w/MB

Holding the MB out in front of you, step forward into a lunge with your knee directly over your ankle and your other knee low to the ground. Step backwards immediately into a backwards lunge and switch sides halfway.

MB Push Ups

With one hand on the ground and the other on top of the MB, execute a push up in proper form, then roll the MB to the other hand, making sure to keep it directly under your shoulder.

MB Thrusters w/Hop

In a wide stance, hold the MB between your legs with both hands. Then driving with your hips, swing the MB above your head and end with your feet together. Hop your feet back out into the wide stance and repeat the movement.

Slider Plank Run and Side Shuffles

With sliders (towels, frisbees or tupperware lids … whatever slides) under your hands and down in a plank position, push your way down the room to the end. At the end, pick up your sliders and shuffle sideways to the start position. Make sure to alternate sides every time you come back.


Bus Drivers w/MB

In an athletic position, hold the MB out in front of you and pretend you are holding the wheel of a car. Rotate the MB from left to right as if you were swerving on the road to avoid the potholes that winter loves to grant us every year.

Around the World Lunges w/MB

Holding the MB out in front of you and with your right leg lunge forward, then lateral, then back. Switch your left leg starting with a backwards lunge, then lateral , then forward. Repeat.

Glute Bridge w/MB Tricep Extensions

On your back and your ankles just within reach, raise your hips as high as possible and squeeze your glutes to keep them there. (You can do this on one leg to challenge yourself, switch legs halfway.) With your hips raised, hold the MB above your head and with your elbows kept in, lower the MB behind your head and raise back up. Repeat.

Vertical Jump Burpees

Just like a burpee, start by getting down in a plank position and jumping your feet back and under. Then, instead of a traditional vertical jump at the top, do a one-legged jump as you would if you were doing a lay-up!

Agility Ladder Lateral Double Hops and Backwards In-Outs

Start a few feet away from the ladder. Loading on your outside leg, hop laterally just to the outside of the ladder, then quickly hop inside and back out on the same foot. Then hop laterally back  to the starting position, but advancing forward a little to make your way down the ladder. Repeat on the other leg when you start over.

Instead of jogging back to the start, still facing forward, hop your feet in and out of each ladder step, but going backwards. Look over your shoulder as you do so.


MB Wood Chops

Starting in an athletic position and the MB at your right hip, use your hips to thrust to the left and end with the MB at your left shoulder. Bring the MB back down to the start and repeat. Remember to drive from your hips and the movement stays with them, no twist from your back! Switch sides halfway.

Fire Hydrants

Down on all fours, rotate your hip so that your knee is raised from the ground to hip level, keeping your hips level to the ground. At the top of the movement, squeeze your glute before you lower back down. Switch sides halfway.

Decline MB Push Ups w/Abductions

With your feet planted firmly on the MB, execute a push up. At the top of your push up, take one foot of the MB and extend out to the side and back. Repeat the sequence and switch sides half way.

Sideways Overhead Slam to Lateral Hop

With the MB, start the movement from your left hip. Pull the MB overhead and slam down to the ground on your right side. Then, hop with both feet laterally to position yourself in front of where your ball landed. Pick it up, then repeat the movement in the opposite direction. Use your core to power the slam to the ground.

Sprints and Cariocas

Good ol’ sprints. Sprint down to the end of the room. On your way back, carioca. Make sure to switch sides each time you return to the start.


Figure 8 MB Pass

In an athletic position, pass the MB between your legs from one hand to the other, in a figure 8 motion.

Cross Back Lunge w/MB Rotation

Holding the MB at your chest, step your leg leg back behind you in a cross lunge. When you stand back up, bring your left knee up to your chest and raise the MB above your head but rotate slightly to your right. Repeat the movement, and switch sides halfway.

Boat Pose w/MB Side-to-Side Shoulder Press

Sitting on the floor with your feet off the ground and keeping your back straight, lean back as far as you can while keeping your core engaged. While in the boat pose, hold the MB at your left shoulder, then raise above your head and lower down to your right shoulder. Repeat.

2 Broad Jumps to Pedal Backs

Loading your legs, bound forward while landing softly and keeping your knees bent. After the 2 jumps, pedal back quickly to the starting position and repeat.

Cone Drill 5-10-5 and Suicides

Set up 3 cones 5 feet apart. Starting at the middle cone, run and touch the left cone, then run and touch the right cone and run back to the middle cone. Repeat, except switch directions and run to the right cone. (1 minute 30 seconds.)

Set up 5 cones 5 feet apart. Starting at the first cone, run and touch the 2nd cone and pedal back to the first. Repeat for the 3rd, 4th and 5th cone. (1 minute 30 seconds.)


Squat to MB Overhead Press

Holding the MB at your chest, perform a squat then push the MB above your head when you stand up. Repeat.

Good Mornings w/MB

Holding the MB at your chest and standing on one leg, lower the MB to the ground, bending at your hips and kicking your raised leg behind you. Bring the MB back to your chest as you hinge from your hips back up to standing. Switch legs halfway.

MB Plank Hand Switches

In a plank position with your hands on the MB, take your hands off the MB to the ground and back to the MB as quickly as you can. Repeat.

MB Thrust Rotation w/Hop

Starting in an athletic position with the MB at your right hip, use your hips to thrust you to hop forward while rotating the MB forward at the same time. It will all be one swift movement. Step back to starting position. Alternate sides.

Lateral Zig-Zags / High Knees and Forward Zig-Zags / Butt Kicks

Facing sideways and moving laterally, alternate pedaling backwards and jogging fowards in a zig-zag pattern to the end of the room. Perform high knees to get you back to the starting position. (1 minute 30 seconds.)

Finally, facing forward, run side to side in a zig-zag pattern, touching the ground at each point. Perform butt kicks to get you back to the starting position. (1 minute 30 seconds.)

Feeling ready to shoot some hoops? Or at least watch? Let the madness begin!


AuthorLizelle Din